About - James Ridgway
James Ridgway - Software Engineer


Hi, I'm James RIdgway — software engineer, technology nerd, casual blog writer and Head of Platform at The Floow Limited.

When I'm not working at my day job, you'll often find me working on one of my projects.

I enjoy learning and sharing my experiences with others, typically using my blog to discuss technical topics or anything else I'm currently thinking about.

Stats for nerds

Last updated about 1 month ago from GitHub.

Repositories by Language

I work with various programming languages. Java, Ruby and Python are generally the main 3 that I work with.



I have a total of 22 repositories in my GitHub account.

The vast majority of them are open source and relate to the projects that I work on.



If you looked across all of my repositories (public and private), you'd find these to be the top 10 languages I use based on byte count*.

* Some languages are more expressive than others.